Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. I have submitted only abstract and when should I submit Full Paper Now? Can I change the name of the author or paper title after I submit the paper? Can I change the title and author's name in the draft conference program ?

Ans. You can submit full paper by the submission deadline. You can make any changes the deadline of registration and after this deadline no change in any form is allowed.

  1. My university needs more time to approve my application. What should I do?

Ans.You need to let us know approximate time of approval.  We treat the issue case by case. In any case, we cannot wait more than 2 weeks before the start of the conference.  We suggest you submit your paper or abstract as soon as possible.

  1. Can I just submit abstract only in the proceedings? Once my paper or abstract is published in the proceedings, can I later on ask you to delete it?

Ans. Yes, you can publish only abstract in the proceedings. We cannot delete your paper or abstract or upload your modified paper again once it is included in the proceedings.

  1. How does an author submit an open access article to an IEEE journal?

Ans. All IEEE wholly owned journals will allow authors to submit an open access article for publication. Article submission processes are accessible from the journal home pages within the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

  1. Will I receive written feedback about my full paper?

Ans. Yes, every author will receive written feedback   after the conference in the form of “Paper Evaluation Report” (PER). If your paper is selected for a journal, then you will also receive another written report in the form of “Editorial Review Report (ERR)” To receive ERR, you must send full paper before the conference.

  1. How Long it takes to publish my papers in the journal?

Ans. We try to publish your paper as early as possible but it depends on how quickly you can respond to PER and ERR and send us revised paper. The minimum period is at least 6 months.

  1. Can I publish my paper in other journal after it is included in the conference proceedings?

Ans. Yes. You can publish your paper anywhere even if your paper is included in the proceedings. We suggest you to publish only abstract in the proceedings. Once it is included in the proceedings, we cannot delete it later on.

  1. Can I get written feedback before registration?

Ans. We do not provide written feedback before the conference. So you can take advantage of it.

  1. Can I be sponsored or get special discount?

Ans. We have no fund to sponsor anybody.  There are early bird discount.

  1. Will all IEEE journals accept open access (OA) article submissions?

Ans. Yes, soon all IEEE-wholly owned journals will allow authors to submit an open access article for publication. As always, all articles submitted to IEEE journals will be peer-reviewed to determine acceptability for publication. Journals co-sponsored by IEEE and another organization will accept open access article submissions when both groups agree that open access is appropriate for the publication.
IEEE offers three options for open access-

  1. Journals that accept both open access and traditional submissions, called hybrid journals.
    2. Fully open access journals, which accept only open access submissions, in a specific IEEE field of interest, called topical OA journals.
    3. A multi- disciplinary, open access journal called IEEE Access, which accepts only open access submissions across all of IEEE’s fields of interest.
  2. What Special Benefits you offer. Other Don’t?

Ans. We provide written feedback about your paper and almost no other conference organizer does what we would do for you.  We provide assistance to improve and revise your paper; no conference organizer does the way we do. We assist to you to increase your publication and research output. No other organizer does like us.

  1. Does the IEEE ConferencePublication Program offer "Open Access" to conference authors?

Ans. Consistent with IEEE's publishing policy, authors may post their final, accepted paper(s) to their own, their employer's or their funding agencies' publicly accessible repository for the purpose of meeting the Open Access public availabilty requirements prescribed by their funding agencies. Before submitting manuscripts to conferences, authors are encouraged to learn the specific requirements of their funding agencies, including whether self-posting is acceptible.

  1. Do you provide hard copy proceedings?

Ans. Yes, all proceedings are published along with ISBN.

  1. I want to book hotel through you and can you help me? Do you have any special room rate for the hotel where your conference is held?

Ans. We have no dealing with any hotel.  You need to book your room by yourself.  However, you can contact the person who deals with accommodation, whose contact details we have already posted on our website.

  1. My co-author is attending the conference? How much s/he needs to pay? Can I pay for him as attendee?

Ans. Yes. You can register with an amount of Rs1000 for each co-author who are attending the conferences.

  1. Can I register for a day only?

Ans. We do not allow day registration.  You need to pay full registration fee but you can stay a day.

  1. Can I bring my guest or children?

Ans. Yes, you can bring them but you need to send their names before to us for name tag and meal coupons and you need to pay for the attendee Rs1000 each.